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Talk Less Smile More Morning Page

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Are you interested in reducing your own talk time and increasing student talk? Do you want to know what students are thinking? Would you like to see and hear your students reason through and defend their arguments?


In this workshop we will explore a variety of structures and techniques that can be implemented in any classroom to help create a Culture of Thinking, where reasoning and arguments are visible and valued. We will immerse ourselves in activities that promote student discussion and debate in and about mathematics. Over the course of three mornings, we will explore methods for increasing student talk, developing student to student conversations, and getting students on their feet excitedly debating math problems and procedures. We will draw from multiple sources and experiences, presenting activities small and large that will help to create a culture of mathematical discussion. Time will be given each day to assess and evaluate the various ideas and develop ways of implementing appropriate structures into your own classroom.


Led by Chris Luzniak (@pispeak) and Matt Baker (@stoodle)


Our Work


Day 1: Building Structures and Routines for Classroom Discussion

Slides from DAY 1

Here are the TALKING POINTS from today. More can be found at: tinyurl.com/nctmsfjrw




Day 2: Creating Discussions and Designing the Environment

Slides from DAY 2

Video of Debate from PBS

Check out luzniak.com for more resources and videos




Day 3: Developing Activities

Slides from DAY 3

Here is a copy of Chris's FULL SCALE DEBATE with RUBRIC

Mattie's Seminar Information:



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