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Focus on Thinking

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We will use the Virtual Math Teams (VMT) environment to look at and think about student work that gives us a window into their mathematical thinking.


In the VMT environment we have created a multi-user GeoGebra and combined it with a text chat. We have also a replayer that enables review of the session, just as the participants experienced it.


The math content of our sessions will involve equilateral triangle constructions and related problems, but this is not the focus of the session. This math is rich but also accessible and will hopefully enables us to focus more on the student work and our own collaborative problem solving in order to discuss what we mean by mathematical thinking, what we notice when we look carefully at it, and what possibilities this opens for facilitating learning. 


Over the three morning sessions we will:


- Take a careful look at some student sessions in VMT using a Notice and Wonder protocol
- Do some collaborative problem solving in VMT

- Develop ways of talking about mathematical thinking and what it means to get better at it

- Think about facilitating questions, tasks, and interventions that cultivate mathematical thinking

- Discuss the use of such data for our planning and professional development


The version of VMT that we will use requires a computer with Java. You will also need to register, which can take place immediately and any time, and requires access to your email in order to receive the initial password.




Some files that will be useful: http://mathforum.org/workshops/tmc-2016/Archive.zip


Google Drive folder for group notes: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6-DEYipsaekbUQ3bGlsa252dnc&usp=sharing


A GeoGebraBook with the VMT curriculum on constructing dependencies in dynamic geometry is available at:http://ggbtu.be/b140867


Other resources and books and about VMT and, for instance, about the cereal group: http://gerrystahl.net/vmt/index.html


Teacher notes on cereal group: http://mathforum.org/workshops/tmc-2016/lalor-cereal-notes.pdf





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