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Algebra 1 Planning

Page history last edited by Andy Pethan 4 years, 3 months ago

We spent this flex session coming together as a group of Alg1 teachers to share curriculum and add coherency to the experiences we are developing.


The hashtag #alg1chat has been informally renewed by the group.  Though it has been around in light use for a long time, we hope to collaborate specifically through this channel this year.  Please join us in watching and sharing with the group here.  No chats are formally scheduled, but may start up if there is enough group interest.


@KathrynFreed is the owner of a new Google Drive folder that will house shared resources, including old Alg1 resources from a Dropbox with an unknown owner:



Below are a series of huge pictures from writing down key "anchor projects / processes" and surrounding them with specific content bits that could logically follow and be more intuitively explored and understood with the help of the anchor event.  Check the #alg1hashtag and tweet questions to the group if any of the terms or projects doesn't make a ton of sense -- as a group, we only briefly described them to one another in the short session, so even those who attended will benefit from the conversation.


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