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Mathematicians: Not Just White Dudes

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Below are the resources that I have collected.  I am a terribly disorganized person, so forgive me for not being more with it.  If you have a request, shoot me an email: annie.k.perkins@gmail.com or tweet @anniekperkins and I'll do my best to fill it here.  Eventually I'll be guest blogging on Sara Van Der Werf's blog and at MTMS's Blogarithm about this, too.  Enjoy! 


The Short Version: 

  • ·      We as math teachers tend to only talk about white male mathematicians. 
  • ·      Most of my students don’t look like that, and thus, they have few mathematical role models they can identify with.
  • ·      Take 15 minutes a week to research (read Wikipedia, that’s all you need) a not-old-dead-white-dude mathematician, and then take 5 minutes in class to tell your students about them.  Include a picture. It’s worth it, I swear. 


The Long Version


Slides from my MCTM Presentation


List of Mathematicians (and, if I have it, a link to info about them)

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