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Instant Relevance

Page history last edited by sheeran@learn-ahead.ccom 4 years, 4 months ago

Hi Everyone! 

Thanks to all those who attended the Instant Relevance, Day by Day Statistics for Non-AP Courses morning session. 

Here is the link to a google drive folder which contains:

1: The Morning Presentation Google Slides File with Active Links to Activities

2: The Google Slides Presentation from the afternoon Desmos for Elementary session

3. The Google Slides Presentation from the "I See Math" My Favorite session

4. Other data files, and I'll be throwing in other images and things too. 

Google Drive Folder: Instant Relevance


Feel free to copy the files and use them in any way you'd like. Make sure to share what you did so we can all learn more!

Also, my book Instant Relevance: Using Today's Experiences in Tomorrow's Lessons will be out on Amazon by August 4th!

You can find it there or on my website: denissheeran.com





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