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Mathematical Yarns

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Room: 614 

Grade Levels: General Interest

These sessions are all about engaging in your own mathematical investigation and making new mathematics of your own, through the medium of hyperbolic crochet. Crochet can produce the most amazing structures with only the most basic skills, and has great potential for making and testing predictions, and for classifying and describing the results. Through crochet you can experience what it is like to not know and to have to work to find out more for yourself, just like a research mathematician.

At the first session, you'll learn all the crochet skills you need (which are just the very basics), and then you'll begin to make your first crochet corals. We'll discuss various ways to change the patterns you make and choose some questions to investigate. Then across the three days, we'll make predictions and try them out, and be inspired by others' work to try even more. Along the way, we'll discuss the properties of the things we make, and find ways to express the mathematical ideas we're forming. We'll also reflect on what the experience tells us about mathematical investigation. At the end of the three days, we'll display our work for everyone to see.

No experience with crochet is required. Feel free to bring your own yarn/wool or crochet hooks with you, though a selection of yarn and hooks will be provided.



If you'd like to learn how to crochet before you get to our session, check out these videos by the Crochet Association of America:

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