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A Step To The Left – Navigating and Understanding Sequences

Page history last edited by Doug McKenzie 3 years, 2 months ago

This will be a session where you can get some great ideas for building students' understanding of linear sequences,  It is the core idea for my pre-algebra class, and something I have thought a lot about.  I like sitting the the role of the student whenever I attend a workshop, so you will be doing a lot of problems during the session.  It will also be useful to have a laptop.  If we have time, we will do an activity in Desmos.


The powerpoint file is below.



Hope to see you there-



A Step To The Left – Navigating and Understanding Sequences

Doug McKenzie,

Middle School (Grades 7-8)

Algebra, Discussion / Debate

Beginner Level

Does the connection between tables and functions ever seem forced or shallow for your students? In order to reason independently about tables and functions, students need to be able to imagine the sequence present or implicit in the domain of a function table. And for that they need quality experiences exploring and reasoning about sequences. I will share my approach for introducing and scaffolding different types of work with sequences and the activities and materials I use.



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