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From Calculus Zero to Calculus Hero in 60 Minutes - Chase Orton

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Here are links to my Keynote presentation and resources.


I'd love to keep the conversation going about:


How can we lower the floor on calculus so that it is conceptually accessible for elementary and middle school students?

What learning resources exist that rely on student intuition to access and explore the concepts of calculus?

How do we help "calculus-phobic" teachers into the conversation in a way that feels inviting and safe?


You can find a blog post I wrote about it here.  Would love comments.



I'm using the #Calc4All to help share resources and ideas on Twitter.  You can find me @mathgeek76.


Here's my Keynote Deck:



Here's a Google Document with links:



And here are some drafts of Desmos activities I've created.  They are similar and different and rough...I've been experimenting.  Feel free to make your own and let's get better together.







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