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Stats Morning Group

Page history last edited by Glenn Waddell 2 years ago

Files, articles and other goodies: Stats Google Drive folder


Awesome sites which allow us to process and explore data sets:

Art Of Stat

Apps from the Practice of Statistics

Stat Key


DAY 1: Variability

Can You Beat Usian Bolt?

Reaction Time Data

Dice lab for amazing dice


DAY 2: Sampling

Ross-Chance Applets

The teacher version of Bob's Sampling exercise

Bob's blog post about Sampling Stars

"Does Sugar Make Kids Hyper" video

A different applet for visualizing what sampling does (and CLT)


DAY 3: A Touch of Inference

"Best Practices Night" from the AP reading

Does Beyonce Write Her Own Lyrics?, from StatsMedic

Unique words in rap songs







  Glenn's image used in class regular. 


 What would happen if you sampled from a distribution that looked like this?

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