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2013 Statistics Morning Session

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If you want to share in the resources Hedge has collected, ask for access to: http://apstatspln.pbworks.com


There is another wiki where articles have been posted at: http://statbook.wikispaces.com/


A video example of the Marshmallow Experiment.


The "Haribo Experiment" is similar to the Marshmallow Experiment we are familiar with in the US.


The the Gallup Poll video with Bill O'Reilly - This is a link to the file in dropbox.


http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/331192/nate-silver-s-flawed-model-josh-jordan  - Give this to learners to see how statistics can be manipulated heavily by response bias.


To discuss good and bad experimental design, you can use the Milgram Experiment as an example. Whether it is good or bad is up to you!  Here's a video on the experiment done in the UK.


If you really want to shock your learners with the normal curve, give them this information that formally defines what "idiot" or "moron" means.  Here is an article from the New York Times that actually spells this out for us! Amazing.


Some great Applet collections for statistics:

Rossman / Chance

A collection of applets - I like and use the CLT

The Lock's Collection of applets on StatKey


Ted Donnelly's Ted Talk on How Stats Fools Juries - The importance of testing for independence


Marcus du Sautoy talks Lucky Numbers (or Guardian website link) - 15 min intro to stats concepts and fallacies



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