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TMC13 Presentations

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Please feel free to create your own page for your TMC13 presentation.  

This is a public wiki so you do not need permission to join.


The easiest way to create a page (linked to this page) is:

  1. Hit the edit button at the top of this page.
  2. Find your session under the appropriate day. 
  3. Hi-light the name of your session and hit ADD LINK above.
  4. When you do this, the name of your page will show up in a pop-up box, hit ENTER on your keyboard.
  5. Hit SAVE at the bottom on the page.
  6. Click on your new link.  It will make the new page for you, all you have to do is click on Create Page. You do not have to put it in a folder.
  7. Hit SAVE and CONTINUE once you create your new page so that it will be saved on the wiki. 


TMC13 Program


Thursday, July 25th 

I Notice, I Wonder – Max Ray

Dan Meyer + Desmos + Caffeine = ? – Eli Luberoff

Breaking Out of Ourselves – Sam Shah, Tina Cardone, and Julie Reulbach

Practicing the FIve Practices - Christopher Danielson

Online Collaborative GeoGebra – Annie Fetter

Problem Posing in Mathematics – Glenn Waddell

Using Mistakes to Inspire Teaching – Michael Pershan

Form Follows Functions – Edmund Harriss

Make Math Memorable: 5 Ways to Boost Engagement – John Berray

Musical Mathematics – Gregory Taylor

Using Google to Manage your SBG workflow – Jamie Rykse and Ashli Black


Friday, July 26th 

Still Keeping it Real – Team Mathalicious   

Getting Students to Think Mathematically in Cooperative Groups – Ilana Horn

Math Forum PoW Quick Intro – Suzanne Alejandre

Conway's Rational Tangles and the Game of SET– Fawn Nguyen

Assessment and the Special Education Student – Kate Clapp

Like Gum On Your Shoe: Adding "Stickiness" to Rich Tasks & Math Projects – Elizabeth Statmore

Extending Student Understanding from Numbers to Variables – Ashli Black

Devise a Plan to Organize – Tina Cardone

Classroom Routines – Counting Circle – Sadie Estrella

A Map of Problem-Based Class Designs – Dan Goldner

Making Math Games – James Cleveland


Saturday, July 27th 

Peeling it Back: Lesson Writing Sessions – Team Mathalicious

Grades 6 and 7

Grade 8 and Algebra 1

High School

Interactive Notebook Workshop: Moving from Beginner to Advanced – Megan Hayes-Golding

Powerful Ideas in Math Class via Programming – David Wees

Using Dynamic Graphs to Understand Mathematical Modeling – Eli Luberoff, Desmos          

Copernican Mathematics – Sandra Miller

Effective Cooperative Groups and Group Tasks – Anna Blinstein and Jessica Bogie

Statistics Bootcamp – Hedge

Using Games to Promote Mathematical Thinking – Raj Shah

A Photo's Worth a Thousand Diagrams: Turning Pictures Into Problems – Jennifer Silverman


My Favorites

Math Munch: New Directions - Justin Lanier. Slideshow. Math Munch site. For Teachers page.

Bamboo Writing Pad , Woot.Com and Remind 101 Blog Post - Anthony Rossetti

Hole Punch Game, 2 Minute Assessment Grid, Engagement Wheel - Pam Wilson

TrigGate r=1: Estimating Trig with the Unit Circle - Greg Taylor

Trigonmetry Murder Mystery (Answers) - April Rogozinski

Google Voice - Anthony Rossetti

Playing with functions blog post - Edmund Harriss (special offer, I will laser cut your favorites! Just let me know the functions)

5 Representations handout - Michelle Naidu


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