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TMC13 Participant Blogs

Page history last edited by Lisa Henry 10 years, 9 months ago

Here are the participants of TMC13 who have blogs.


Name                            Blog                                                                                           

Justin Aion                       Re-Learning to Teach

Suzanne Alejandre            Suzanne at the Math Forum

Cal Armstrong                  Continuous Formation

Dan Anderson                  A Recursive Process

John Berray                      Altering the Course

Ashli Black                        Infinite Tangents Podcast, Learning to Fold

Anna Blinstein                   Borscht With Anna

Jessica Bogie                    Algebrainiac

Mary Bourassa                 M^3 (Making Math Meaningful)

Peg Cagle                        Peg Cagle's Math Education News & Views You Can Use

Tina Cardone                   Drawing on Math

Kate Clapp                       Axis of Reflection

Jonathan Claydon             Infinite Sums

James Cleveland               The Roots of the Equation

Christopher Danielson       Overthinking My Teaching

Mark Dittmer                    Mister Dittmer

Nik Doran                         Maths is Not a Spectator Sport

Sadie Estrella                    Who's a Math Nerd? *raising hand*

Annie Fetter                      Annie at the Math Forum

Marsha Foshee                 Math-termind

Dan Goldner                     Work in Pencil

Amy Gruen                       Square Root of Negative One Teach Math

Edmund Harriss                Maxwell's Demon

Connie Haugneland           My Life Belongs to Him

Megan Hayes-Golding       Megan Hayes-Golding: Still Learning 

Hedge                              Approximately Normal (in the Classroom)

Lisa Henry                         An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks

Greg Hitt                           Sarcasymptote

Ilana Horn                         teaching / math / culture

Judy Keeney                      3 Yellow Sand Pails

Rachel Kernodle                Sonata Mathematique

Heather Kohn                    Growing Exponentially

Nathan Kraft                     Out Rockin' Constantly, Mr. Kraft's Wikispace

Matt Lane                         Mathalicious Blog

Justin Lanier                      I Choose Math, Math Munch

Bob Lochel                        mathcoachblog

Chris Lusto                        Lines and Lines of Tangency

Roxanne Mah                    Mi' Ma's Corner

Wendy Menard                 Her Mathness

Sandra Miller                    Take It To The Limit

Michelle Naidu                  Between Me and the Door

Fawn Nguyen                    Finding Ways to Nguyen Students Over, Visual Patterns

Frank Noschese                 Action-Reaction

Matt Owen                        Just Tell Me the Answer

Jami Packer                       Undefined

Nicole Paris                      Inventing the Orangamallow

Jillian Paulen                     Laplace Transforms for Life

MIchael Pershan                Rational Expressions, Math Mistakes

David Petersen                  Long Tails of \int_e^r est

David Price                       Compact Spaces

Max Ray                           The Max Ray Blog

Stephanie Reilly                 LIfe of Mrs. Reilly

Julie Reulbach                   I Speak Math

Chris Robinson                 Constructing Math Instruction

Matthew Rodolewicz         Mr. Rodolewicz's Math Classes

April Rogozinski                Reflections From an Asymptote

Rachel Rosales                  Purple Pronto Pups (My World of Teaching)

Anthony Rossetti               Solve and Simplify

Sarah Rubin                      Everybody is a Genius

Jamie Ryske                      Just Your Standard Deviation

Mark Sanford                    Not an Ordinary Day

Adrienne Shlagbaum         Out of the Zone

Anne Schwartz                   A Brand New Line

Raj Shah                            Math Plus Academy Blog

Sam Shah                          Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

Chris Shore                        The Math Projects Journal

Jennifer Silverman              Things I Like About Math, Proradian Protractors

Elizabeth Statmore             Cheesemonkey Wonders

Sean Sweeney                    Sweeney Math

Gregory Taylor                   Mathie x Pensive, Taylor's Polynomials

Glenn Waddell                   Success

Elaine Watson                    WatsonMath.com

David Wees                       David Wees: Thoughts from a Reflective Educator

Mary Williams                    Dividing by Zero

Pam Wilson                        The Radical Rational...


Other Blogs:

Five Triangles                    Five Triangles mathematics

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