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Interactive Notebook Workshop

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We're going to go all Inception on you and use an INB (Interactive Notebook) to learn the details of creating an Interactive Notebook in your class and have a reference book after TMC.


Elizabeth and I are cooperating in our use of INBs at TMC13, so you'll be able to use one composition book for both her session on Stickiness and my session on INBs. We're encouraging participants to use a single INB for both sessions. Heck, use the INB for other sessions you attend at TMC, too!


SPECIAL NOTE: please watch for — and use — the hashtag #INBjamboree for tweets and posts on using INBs!


Recommended Materials


     • composition notebook

     • Scotch tape (or tape roller)

     • pencil or ball point pen for taking notes/writing

     • colored pencils or pens


I will provide the rest.


Stuff we'll be making for your Interactive Notebook:

  • Table of Contents printable
  • Left Page Assignments printable 
  • Foldable example 1
  • Foldable example 2
  • Unit summary foldable  
  • Card sort activity example printable 
  • Index printable 
  • End of Course Test formula sheet example 


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