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Using Google to Manage your SBG workflow

Page history last edited by Jamie Rykse 6 years, 9 months ago

You have implemented standards based grading but find managing the reassessments can be overwhelming at times. Many have shared their learning targets and how they grade, we will look at how you could use Google to help manage your SBG workflow.


We will look at examples of:

  • using filtering in Gmail to help manage your emails
  • using Google calendar to keep track of appointments such as students wanting to see you for help or doing a reassessment
  • setting up a Google form to automatically email you the responses instead of having to go to the spreadsheet to view them


Yep, no more going cross eyed trying to read the submitted responses on a spread sheet.  Instead, receive an email with the submitted response that looks like any normal email. You can even reply to the student using that email.


Feel free to bring a laptop, if we have time we can begin to play with the Google form script.


How to guides on a blog post:


Using Google to Manage your SBG Workflow - Gmail & Calendar

Using Google to Manage your SBG Workflow - Google Forms Script





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