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2014 Pre-Calculus Morning Session

Page history last edited by TinaC 9 years, 10 months ago

This page is where the Pre-Calculus Morning Session Group shares what they have created and other helpful information.  

Please feel free to upload any files you have and add links here. Also, you can add links to any digital lessons you have.


Thursday Warm up activity

Folding Conics 

Relevant blog posts

The Curves

Investigating Equations

Photo Project (works on Desmos too!!)


Thursday Brainstorm:

Prerequisites, topics in PreCalc and prerequisites for Calculus


Find the three factors

Test a point in each interval. Record the sign for the interval.

One method of representing (the rows of ---+++): test a point in each factor and record the sign for each factor, then look at the signs overall.


Write the quadratic formula as two parts so it's clear to students (when) there are two solutions and so they don't cancel things!


Meghan Craig's resources: tinyurl.com/mathstuffcool



Friday Warmup

Creature ID



Saturday Warmup

Rational Card Sort

Source: https://designatedderiver.wikispaces.com/


Trig Stuff  Vectors  Conics 

Trig Wheel for conversion

Trig Equation Bank

Trig Multiple Representations sheet


Embedded Math Unit Circle

Vector Notes.docx

Vector Applications Practice - Google Docs copy.pdf

vector foldable.docx  

Edited assignment: Folding Conics.doc

Folded Pictures - Ellipse, Hyperbola, Parabola 








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