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2014 Embodied Mathematics: Tools, Manipulatives, and Meaningful Movement in Math Class Session

Page history last edited by Malke Rosenfeld 10 years ago

This page is where the Embodied Mathematics: Tools, Manipulatives, and Meaningful Movement in Math Class Morning Session Group shares what they have created and other helpful information.  Please feel free to upload any files you have and add links here. Also, you can add links to any digital lessons you have.


This session is relevant for anyone interested in the use of tools or manipulatives during math class, no matter what level you teach.


Here is some food for thought, best consumed prior to TMC. None of this is required for participation, but it will help build the frame for our work in this morning workshop:


ARTICLE (PDF): Magical Hopes: Manipulatives and the Reform of Education, by Deborah Ball

Learning Mathematics Through Dance, by Susan Gerofsky (Proceedings of Bridges 2013: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture). The introduction in particular speaks to the ideas we'll be wrestling with in our sessions.


BOOK EXCERPT (PDF): Introduction and a chapter relevant to the discussions of tool and manipulative use in this workshop, from Malke's upcoming book Meaning in the Making: The Body Learning Math. This text is still in rough draft form but represents Malke's current thinking on one aspect of the body's roles in math learning. Please email Malke if you're interested in a reading copy.


VIDEO: What Success Looks Like in My Teaching. A detailed overview of the Math in Your Feet Program. The video is a useful introduction to what the math/dance work looks like in students' bodies as well as well as how I assess both the dance learning and the math learning at the same time. 






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