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2014 TMC Participant Blogs

Page history last edited by Lisa Henry 9 years, 11 months ago

Name                         Blog

Justin Aion                        Re-Learning to Teach

Karim Ani                          Mathalicious Blog

Matt Baker                        Pythagoras was a Nerd

Lisa Bejarano                    Crazy Math Teacher Lady

Kathryn Belmonte              i is a number

Matt Bigger                       A Tangent Line

Leslie Billings                     Forever Student

Kelly Boles                        Slightly Skewed: Perspective on HS Math

Mary Bourassa                  M^3 (Making Math Meaningful)

Jedidiah Butler                  Math Butler at your service, Transformulas

Tina Cardone                     Drawing on Math

John Chapin                      True, But Not Provable

Jonathan Claydon              Infinite Sums

James Cleveland               The Roots of the Equation

Christopher Danielson       Overthinking My Teaching. Talking Math With Kids

Mark Dittmer                     Three Preps a Day

Jim Doherty                       A Portrait of the Man as an Aging Math Teacher

Nik Doran                          Maths is Not a Spectator Sport

Sadie Estrella                    Who's a Math Nerd? *raising hand*

Kathryn Freed                    Restructuring Algebra                   

John Golden                      Math Hombre

Amy Gruen                        Square Root of Negative One Teach Math

Sarah Hagan                     math = love

Edmund Harriss                Maxwell's Demon

Connie Haugneland           My Life Belongs to Him

Hedge                              Approximately Normal (in the Classroom)

Lisa Henry                         An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks

Anna Hester                      Type A Mathland

Jessie Hester                    Mrs. Hester's Classroom

Gregory Hitt                      Sarcasymptote

Cindy Johnson                   The Conic Card Lady's New Adventure

Dylan Kane                        Five Twelve Thirteen

Judy Keeney                      3 Yellow Sand Pails

Morgan Kent                     Mr. Kent

Rachel Kernodle                Sonata Mathematique

Heather Kohn                    Growing Exponentially

Nathan Kraft                      Out Rockin' ConstantlyMr. Kraft's Wikispace

Matt Lane                          Mathalicious Blog

Justin Lanier                       I Choose MathMath Munch

Bob Lochel                         mathcoachblog

Chris Luzniak                      CLopen Mathdebater

John Mahlstedt                   What is 5?

Wendy Markert                   Left-Handed Math

Sarah Martin                       Math is a Journey

Audrey McLaren                  McSquared

Dan Meyer                          dy/dan

Brian Miller                          Differentiating Differentiation

Elissa Miller                         misscalcul8

Kate Nowak                         Function of Time

Alex Overwijk                       Slam Dunk Math

Jami Packer                        Undefined

Tina Palmer                         Palmer's Ponderings

Levi Patrick                        OKMath Teachers

Jillan Paulen                         Laplace Transforms for Life

Michael Pershan                  Rational ExpressionsMath Mistakes

David Petersen                     Long Tails of \int_e^r est

Rebecka Peterson                Episilon-Delta

Andy Pethan                        Fail Early and Often

Adrian Pumphrey                  Pumphrey's Math, Math Ed Out

Max Ray                              The Max Ray Blog

Julie Reulbach                      I Speak Math

April Rogozinski                   Reflections From an Asymptote

Christy Roitz                        Math in the Middle

Rachel Rosales                    Purple Pronto Pups (My World of Teaching)

Malke Rosenfeld                   The Map is Not the Territory

Anthony Rossetti                  Solve and Simplify

Heather Rosson                    Mathelogian

Teresa Ann Ryan                  geometrywiz: Learning About Learning and Teaching Mathematics

Jamie Rykse                        Just Your Standard Deviation

John Scammell                      Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Megan Schmidt                     Number Lovin' Beagle

Hannah Schuchhardt              [Slightly] Skewed

Brooke Seals                         Sined, Sealed, Calculated

Raj Shah                                Math Plus Academy Blog

Sam Shah                              Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

Chris Shore                            The Math Projects Journal

Lea Ann Smith                         Algebra 1 for the 21st Century

Lisa Soltani                             Check Your Work

Sebastian Speer                      Making Sense of Numbers

Elizabeth Statmore                  Cheesemonkey Wonders

John Stevens                           Fishing 4 Tech, Would You Rather?

Brian Stockus                          Teaching to the Beat of a Different Drummer

Christine Sullivan                      A Sea of Math

Gregory Taylor                          Mathie x PensiveTaylor's Polynomials

Shelli Temple                            Teaching Statistics, Made 4 Math Monday

Paula Torres                             P Torres Blogger

Glenn Waddell                          Success

Jasmine Walker                        jaz_math

Mary Williams                           Dividing by Zero

Pam Wilson                               The Radical Rational...

Jake Winfield                             Function of Reflection

Andy Zsiga                                Zsigy with it


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