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Session Plan

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My Intent for This Session

Celebration of Mind Day

  • Held annually on October 21st in honor of the birthday of Martin Gardner

  • Please join me in celebrating this year! Pretty please?




Mobius Strip – a surface with only one side and only one boundary component; discovered independently in 1858 by August Ferdinand Mobius and Johann Benedict Listing


Cutting Mobius Strips: What effect does the number of twists have?


Gluing and Cutting Mobius Strips

  • Holiday Puzzle

  • Martin Gardner Puzzle




Hexaflexagon – a flat model that can be flexed to reveal faces other than the original front and back; discovered by Arthur H. Stone in 1939; made famous by Martin Gardner


Creating Our Own Hexaflexagons

  • Trihexaflexagon

  • Hexahexaflexagon



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