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TMC15 Participant Blogs

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Lori Akahoshi  Mrs. Akahoshi 
Dan Anderson  A Recursive Process 
Matt Baker  Pythagoras Was a Nerd 
Lisa Bejarano
Crazy Math Teacher Lady
John Berray  Altering the Course 
Anna Blinstein  Borscht With Anna 
Debbie Boden  Yes, but WHY? 
Mary Bourassa 

M^3 (Making Math Meaningful) 

Which One Doesn't Belong?

Stephanie Bowyer  ...Except Math Teachers
Brian Bushart  Teaching to the Beat of a Different Drummer 
Jedidiah Butler  Math Butler 
Peg Cagle  Peg Cagle's Math Education News and Views You Can Use 
Tina Cardone  Drawing on Math 
Shelley Carranza  Making Math Visual 
John Chapin  True, But Not Provable 
Federico Chialvo  Art of Math Studio 
Princess Choi  Just Do It! Iteration Makes Perfect! 
Jonathan Claydon  Infinite Sums 
James Cleveland  The Roots of the Equation 
Meg Craig  Insert Clever Math Pun Here 
Christopher Danielson 

Overthinking My Teaching

Talking Math With Your Kids

Jim Doherty
A Portrait of the Math Teacher as an Aging Man
Sadie Estrella  Who's A Math Nerd? *Raising Hand* 
Michael Fenton  Reason and Wonder 
Diana Fesmire  Does That Make Sense? Musings of a Math Teacher 
Graham Fletcher  Questioning My Metacognition 
Andrew Gael  The Learning Kaleidoscope 
John Golden  Math Hombre 
Nate Goza  The Goza Way 
Amy Gruen  Square Root of Negative One Teach Math 
Cathy Hannon  The Infinate Search for x
Chris Harris  Coaching - It's Teaching and Learning from a Different Angle 
Edmund Harriss  Maxwell's Demon 
Mitzi Hasegawa  Window into a Math Classroom 
Connie Haugneland  My Life Belongs to Him 
Hedge  Approximately Normal Experiences in Math 
Kathy Henderson Middle School Math Explorations
Lisa Henry  An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks 
Anna Hester  Type-A Mathland 
Mary Hibbs  How I See Geometry 
Ilana Horn  Teaching/Math/Culture 
Nanette Johnson  Math M Addicts 
Dylan Kane  Five Twelve Thirteen 
Robert Kaplinsky  Robert Kaplinsky 
Joseph Keays  Keays' Class 
Judy Keeney  3 Yellow Sand Pails 
Rachel Kernodle  Sonata Mathematique
Sahar Khatri  My Mathscape 
Brendan Kinnell  GeogebrArt 
Andrew Knauft  LimSoup 
Heather Kohn  Growing Exponentially 
Nathan Kraft  Nathan Kraft's Blog 
Matt Lane  Math Goes Pop! 
Judy Larsen  Judy Larsen 
Rachel Levy  Rachel Levy 
Tami Llewellyn Math Like You Mean It
Bob Lochel  Math Coach Blog 
Eli Luberoff  Desmos
Chris Luzniak  CLopen Mathdebater
John Mahlstedt What is 5? 
Eric Martin  e to the m 
Sarah Martin  Math is a Journey 
Tim McCaffrey  Agree or Disagree? 
Brian Miller
Mr. Miller Math 
Elissa Miller  Miss Calcul8 
Sandra Miller  Take it to the Limit 
Eric Milou  Eric Milou
Michelle Naidu  Between Me and the Door 
Jonathan Newman  Hilbert's Hotel 
Micaela Newman  Alternative Math 
Fawn Nguyen 

Finding Ways

Visual Patterns

Math Talks 

Alex Overwijk  Slam Dunk Math 
Jami Packer  Undefined 
Tina Palmer  Palmer's Ponderings 
Nicole Paris  Inventing the Orangamallow 
David Petersen  Long Tails of int_e^r est 
Andy Pethan  Fail Early and Often 
Timon Piccini  Embrace the Drawing Board 
Avery Pickford  Without Geometry, Life is Pointless 
Breedeen Pickford-Murray  Between the Numbers 
Max Ray-Riek  The Max Ray Blog 
Julie Reulbach  I Speak Math 
Tony Riehl Math We Can Use
Heather Rosson Matheologian
Jeremiah Ruesch  Math Kaveli 
Jamie Rykse  Just Your Standard Deviation 
Mark Sanford  Not an Ordinary Day 
John Scammell
Zero-Knowledge Proofs 
Megan Schmidt  Number Loving Beagle 
Daniel Schneider  Mathy McMatherson 
Anne Schwartz  A Brand New Line 
Joe Schwartz  Exit 10A 
Sam Shah  Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere 
Denis Sheeran  Unanswerable Questions 
Chris Shore  The Math Projects Journal 
Andrew Stadel 

Divisible by 3

Estimation 180 

Elizabeth Statmore  Cheesemonkey Wonders
John Stevens 

Time to Set the Hook...

Would You Rather?

La Cucina Matematica 

Sean Sweeney  Sweeney Math 
William (Bill) Thill  Roughly Normal 
Paula Torres  PTorres Blogger 
Liem Tran  The Liemit...does not exist 
Jennifer Vadnais  Communicating Mathematically 
Matt Vaudrey 

Matt Vaudrey

La Cucina Matematica 

Glenn Waddell  Success 
Michael Waechter  Rebuilding an Empire 
Jasmine Walker  Jaz_math 
Alison Wash Middle School Math Explorations
Lisa Winer  Eat Play Math 
Julie Wright  Sad Armadillo 
Darryl Yong  Darryl Yong 

Amy Zimmer

Ms. Z Teaches in Mathland 


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