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Socratic Seminars in Math Class

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The goal of this workshop is to familiarize participants with what a Socratic Seminar is, and then brainstorm and discuss different ways these could be implemented in the classroom.  We will go over general norms for Socratic Seminars that are successful in other disciplines, as well as attempts at seminar that have been tried at my school.  Full disclosure, this isn't something that we have managed to pull off without a hitch yet, and we welcome any and all feedback and brainstorming to help fine-tune the process. My staff has tried a variety of different approaches, which I will share with participants. Then we will hopefully have an opportunity to mold those approaches as well as brainstorm new ideas that might be successful.  


During the session, I will be using TMC15 Mini-Seminar.ppt and TMC Seminar Prep Worksheet.docx.  


The other powerpoint was my original plan that I changed, but I thought some might find it useful if you know nothing about Socratic seminars. The other files are samples of Seminar tasks that my school has done, as well as examples of material that they use in other subjects.  Please note that some of these slides may be slightly different from the final version as I continue to make changes, but it shouldn't be anything too drastic. 

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