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What Do I Do With All This Cool Sh!t

Page history last edited by Matt Vaudrey 5 years, 4 months ago

This is a discussion-based session where participants will unpack, debrief, chew, and otherwise organize the cool shit they've learned in the last 48 hours (or more).


We've all been to a conference and heard tons of cool shit, then forgotten some of it on the drive home. The following week is benchmark testing, so more cool shit is forgotten. Then after a couple minimum days with parent conferences, all your prep time is eaten up. So the notes for all the cool shit from earlier this month are now buried under printouts of student grades to give to parents.


Next thing you know, it's May. And you uncover your scrawlings about "OMG COOL SHIT", but you can't recall exactly what you liked about it. You sigh and slide the stack of cool shit into the recycling bin (or worse, a file drawer labeled "Someday").


Instead of that, let's discuss the cool shit and how you can stick it into your classroom next month.


We have the blessing of being in the same room as some of our digital idols who impact our practice from across the country or the world. Let's capitalize on that, eh?


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